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Writing Center

The Writing Center at Howard University


The University Writing Center offers tutoring and workshops in all phases of the writing process. One-on-one tutoringis available. These services are free and available to all.


Some areas of assistance offered at the Center are as follows:

  • Help with identifying errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics
  • Help with focus (topic sentences, thesis statements), organization and
  • Help navigating the research process (documentation procedures and
  • Strategies for improving the writing process
  • Innovative proofreading techniques to help students find and correct mistakes
  • Help understanding instructors' assignments
  • Self-drill computer programs in mechanics (spelling, punctuation, and grammar)
  • and MUCH MORE!


Professor William Harrell
Director of the Writing Center
(202) 806-4100
Office: Locke Hall, Room 322

Schedule a Writing Center Appointment with a Tutor

Step 1
Schedule your appointment now!

You will be prompted to sign in to your Google mail account e.g. @bison.howard.edu or @gmail.com

Step 2
You can upload your in-progess paper for the Writing Center Staff to review prior to your appointment
  • Using Google Documents, upload your document and share it with coaswritingcenter@gmail.com
    >> Uploading instructions
    >> Sharing instructions

  • Share your document only with the Writing Center. DO NOT make it public.
Step 3
Bring your hardcopy, in-progress paper and the assignment sheet/details to your appointment. Be on time.

Be sure to read the guidelines for the Writing Center's tutoring sessions

Online Writing Center

The Online Writing Center’s mission is to assist you in developing your writing skills, helping you to become a more dynamic and confident writer. The OWC is best for those students who are taking distance learning courses or have particularly full schedules that prevent them from visiting Locke 100 for a face-to-face writing conference. At our site, you can search our writing resources, post questions, check papers for plagiarism, and submit papers for review by our trained writing center staff. Please note that we do not provide proofreading services. Instead, our tutors will help you improve your papers by providing feedback on content, organization, unity, style, and grammar. Sign up now!

Tutors at the Writing Center will provide assistance with specific problems such as errors in grammar, usage, style, and mechanics. They will also help you to create viable topic sentences and thesis statements, to improve your organization and development, to navigate the research and writing process, and to understand and interpret your instructor's assignments and comments. Tutors will not proofread or edit your paper for you.

Jarrod Jarrod
Public Relations
Interests: copy editing, AP Style, cupcakes
Lakina Lakina
Ph.D. Student
Interests: African American Literature and British Literature.
Justin Justin
Junior, English major
Interests: Reading, writing, and taking naps.
Barbra Barbra
1st year, English MA.

Junior, English major.

Jarrod Esau


  1. Appointments begin every hour at fifteen minutes after the hour and last for approximately 20-40 minutes.
  2. Please bring any assignment sheet or prompt associated with the paper to your conference.
  3. Please be sure to proofread all drafts carefully before your conference. The Writing Center tutors are not responsible for proofreading for or editing errors. We point out patterns of errors and show you ways to eliminate those mistakes.
  4. CANCELLATIONS: If you need to cancel your appointment, you may do so in two ways. Prior to the day of the appointment, please log on to the calendar and cancel your appointment using the same procedures you used to make the appointment. On the day of the appointment, please call the Writing Center at (202) 806-4100 to cancel.
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